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Copper Rod Upcast Plant (8mm)

The principle of the upcast process is to cast molten copper continuously through a vertical die. The lower end of the die reaches into the melt, while the metal in the upper end is solidifying inside the die and the solidified product is pulled upwards through the die by the set of pinch rolls of the withdrawal machine.

Advantages :

  • Oxygen free
  • Low Impurity Level
  • Excellent weldability, brazability and solderability
  • Excellent fatigue strength
  • Excellent workability


Wire is repeatedly pulled through the die to reduce to the desired diameter and size. The wire can be annealed to enhance and maximize ductility and conductivity or can be produces in hard drawn condition.

Vertical & Horizontal Enameling Process

During the enameling process, the wire is anneal and charged with enamel through the enameling die. They are cured into the wire with heat resulting electrical insulation.

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