Ta Win Holdings Bhd | Company Overview
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Principal & Subsidiaries

Ta Win Holdings Berhad (TWHB or the Group) is a public manufacturing Company listed on Main Market of Bursa Malaysia. TWHB has been a leading copper wire and copper rods manufacturing company for over 25 years in Malaysia.
Its products are manufactured using world-class equipment and boast the highest quality and standards in the industry. The rods and wires produced by TWHB are used in a wide range of industries, including household appliances, telecommunication, transformers, power generation, industrial light fixtures, and more.
The Group has launched into a new growth and development phase that includes a robust revamp of existing operations as well as inorganic growth via joint ventures, mergers and/or acquisitions. Recently, we have forged a strong partnership with Chinese and Hong Kong-based parties to jointly invest in, set up and operate a new copper rod manufacturing line in Malaysia.
The principal activities of TWHB’s subsidiaries are as follows:-

Ta Win Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. 199001001762 (193324-U)

Manufacturing of enameled copper wires, copper rods and trading of copper products.

Twin Industrial (HK) Co. Ltd. (258865)

Trading of copper rod, wire and copper rods to overseas market.

TWH Energy Sdn. Bhd. 201701047553 (1261729-V)

Electric power generation, distribution of all energy, power, fuel and its related infrastructure provider and project management, R&D on energy related products, in the EV charging industrial, and/or products with electric beam irradiation technology.

Ta Win Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. 201801015468 (1277484-H)

Manufacturing of copper wires and copper rods.

Ta Win Copper Sdn. Bhd. 201801033696 (1295723-A)

Manufacturing of copper wires, copper rods and dealing in all kinds of copper products.

Cyprium Capital Sdn. Bhd. 201901004093 (1313420-T)

Investment holding and venture capital for metal and copper related products and industries; and manufacturing and trading of non- ferrous metals including copper power cables and other copper related products.

Ta Win Copper Ecocycle Sdn. Bhd. 202001023430 (1379750-V)

Investment and management company which specially setup to undertake the design, development, financing, build to operate, sell and market the industrial park called “Terengganu Ecocycle Park”.

Ta Win Copper Biohealth Sdn. Bhd. 202001028493 (1384813-T)

Design, R&D, production, marketing, investment and venture capital of healthcare and pharmaceutical products, devices and services which include application of antimicrobial copper, copper additives, biochemistry and chemistry of copper and copper proteins.

Ta Win Symbiosis Sdn. Bhd. 202101020819 (1421119-K)

Provision of property development, property management services, property facilities services, renting and operating, construction, non-ferrous metals waste management services and recycling.

Cyprium Wire Technology Sdn. Bhd. 201901013079 (1322407-H)

Manufacturing wire and/or cable Technology products, including but not limit to using Electron Beam Irradiation Technology which utilize proprietary cross-linking/ionizing radiation treatment.

Sin Line Tek Electronic Co. Sdn. Bhd. 199901016451 (491351-T)

Manufacturing, assembling, supplier, trading of electrical and electronic products.

Dyon Warehouse & Logistic Sdn. Bhd. 201301021018 (1050848-W)

Provide transport and logistics services and bonded warehouses.

TASLT Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. 202001030759 (1387079-X)

Manufacture of AC power cord, DC cord, wire harness assembly, electronic and electrical assembly product and trading of all types of electronic and electrical products.

Cyprium Kibor Tech Sdn. Bhd. 202401007757 (1553607-V)

Manufacture wire and/or cable products, cross-linked products and service of utilizing Electron Beam Irradiation Technology.

Ta Win Innotech Sdn. Bhd. 202101034954 (1435254-P)

Manufacture of copper Wires, copper rods, cables and trading of copper products.

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