Ta Win Holdings Bhd | Corporate Governance
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Corporate Governance
Notice of EGM & Administrative Guide
Summary of Key Matter at AGM

Click to view the Minute of 26th AGM

Click to view the Minute of 25th AGM

Click to view the Minute of 24th AGM

Corporate Governance Statement
Annual Report

For additional download on Annual Report, click HERE


For additional download on Ta Win Constitution, click HERE

Board Charter

Click to view Board Charter

Term of Reference of Audit Committee
Term of Reference of Risk Management Committee
Term of Reference of Nomination Committee
Term of Reference of Remuneration Committee
Whistleblowing Policy

Click to view Whistleblowing Policy

Anti Bribery & Anti Corruption Policy Statement
Code of Conduct and Ethics
Remuneration Policy
Suitability, objectivity & independence of the External Auditors Policy

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